Disorder Poster I

I did these two posters for my friends’ play, Disorder, appearing in the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August!
If any of you are in Edinburgh, I highly reccommend going along. I wish I were there to see it!

Alas, Melbourne is very far away.

Middle Meadows Walk

By the clouds, by the stars
I am enclosed

Rachmaninov lifts me from the cement below
Whispering in my cold ears
His orchestra soars
Matching my magnified heartbeat

Half way down the path
My doppelgänger shadows smirk
I fear that I’ll turn around, hands in pockets
To see my own night-time figure peering back

My dark imaginings,
The gothic moon above,
Pulsing strings and deep blue dread
Beams down in Russian black

Everything crescendos
Until I feel my keys

And see the sodium street-lamps
Guide me to my door
With their golden, unblinking eyes