Teabag afternoon

All in almond,
ceiling crumbs land on your cheek
A soft glance up
and a quick step to the right
His vacant chair is found
the jacket, you quietly touch
Grinning with peppermint mischief
slip away to the park.

The Current Moment

A small in pink and an old in blue

sky-blue, upside-down

follow the dog through the lane


I get moved along the table

with the arrival of more

this small in grey and the old in blue


This seat is colder and

the music is louder

away from the window, I can’t see


I ate before at the base of a monument:

people I never knew died

building a bridge I’ll never climb


Now I am tired

and will soon catch the train

having spent the morning


In search of pebbles and strangers,

both of which

I found.