Dear Stranger,

I paint people and write words.

I’m currently living in Melbourne.

I want to illustrate for you. I specialise in portraits, for which I use a myriad of different styles and mediums in order to suit the person, and have no fixed price. Contact me at camilla.eustance@hotmail.com.

Enjoy perusing my emotions and experiences through the work you find on my site, and feel free to leave me a comment of any calibre.

Warm warm regards,

Camilla E.


12 thoughts on “About

    1. Oh well thankyou! I’ve been following your words for a while now, and there’s so much sincerity in them. Nice to see you here on my page! Hope your day is treating you well.


  1. Them portraits . . . I often find ‘fucking cool’ to be the best way to extol that which evades the confinement of more specific praise.

    Your portraits are fucking cool.

    You poetry, though I suspect it largely goes over the head of a literal-minded layman such as myself, evokes something within me like a beast that slumbers beneath my skin. Perhaps if I keep reading it will emerge . . .

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    1. Marvellous response to my humble scribbles. Thanks Daniel, in an inadvertent self-compliment, I’d like to say you evidently have good taste. Also, you seem to be more than a layman considering your eloquent wit. Nice.

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